Tuesday, 6 April 2010

End of the 1st Phase

At last the welding of the hull is complete bar a few tidy up jobs! in the engine room and on the bow, just a couple of days work at most. As  I am not a coded welder I have gone for a belt and braces approach and double welded the complete hull inside and out. I used a mig welder inside and an invertor externaly to mitigate wind problems. The welding started at the center keel of the boat and worked forward aft and up in a spiders web approach. As far as I can tell the hull is fair and the measurments taken confirm no distortion.

In the next six months I my plan is to:
  • Cut all portholes and deck hatch openings
  • Fit all welded deck gear
  • Fit main hatches
  • Assemble and fit rudder
  • Fit posts for for the Bulwark with SS caps
  • Fit rubbing strafe
  • Shot blast and prime interior and exterior
  • insulate interior
  • Source 52hp inboard (thinking of Vetus)
I dont think I will have too many free weekends with a heavy work load but will blog again as soon as i can with further updates.

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