Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Welding Continues!!

I don't have a picture of progress as for the last few months visually nothing has changed! However every weekend is a ritual of hauling out the grinders and the welder and inch by inch weld the hull together. I finished the inside just after Christmas which was a pig of a job especially right up in the bow. The weather has been really bad for ages now but this weekend it finally stopped raining and I could get a good run at the seam welding outside. I used a mig inside but invested in an inverter stick welder which is a great tool and not worried by the wind which kills the mig. Welding outside is a joy compared to in and I estimate I will complete the process in around ten working days (about 5 weekends worth) Then its down all the welded fittings before shot blasting and priming. THEN I WILL HAVE SOME PICTURES

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