Saturday, 14 November 2009

Welding and More Welding

During the last few weeks I have been spending a couple of hours after work in the evenings, Saturdays and as much of Sundays as the wife will tolerate welding! Every frame needs welding to the plates and in every spot I want to weld you can bet there will be some rust which has to be ground away. Only another few hundred to go!!
 The plan is to finish the inside by Christmas!

Daves partner who works helps me on Saturdays made this head and neck protector from a pair of Daves old jeans, although it stops sparks from burning off my hair and getting inside my welding apron, having my head inside a pair of jeans he has worn for years is not how I like to spend long periods of time! Also I discovered today thet they are not very fire resistant. All the welding at the moment is above my head the sparks shower all over me which was fine until I smelt burning, started to see flames and then realise Daves pants were on fire! After much leaping about frantic patting with my welding gloves I managed to put the flames out. After that I damped the pants down and so far no more fires!

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  1. That was hilarious!! Keep us posted on your progress! :)