Sunday, 1 November 2009

Large Cabin

So with lots of work left to do I at least have a nice DRY large main cabin to store all the boatbuilding kit rather than hauling it up and down the steps every time I want to work.

Well these 1st posts covering the first couple of years build have all been uploaded together but from now on I will try and upload a report around once a month.


  1. Thanks for your blog - Great stuff! While I'm doing this for others now, you're doing what I want to - Build my own steel boat and cruise the tropics. I think I'll hire a boatyard to build the hull/deck & do the rest myself. I'm looking forward to following you!
    - Jerr

  2. Thanks Jerr, Im hoping this blog will attract a few knowlegable folk who can advise on some parts of the build! many heads are better than one! I will be adding some info on the boat design and the rig est soon. Regards Paul