Sunday, 3 October 2010

A Slow Hot Summer

With temperatures well into the high 30s work has been confined to Saturday and Sunday Mornings, I also had to do some work around the house but the last month has seen some good steps forward, The welding of the hull is now complete and all the welds have been tested (we used paraffin to check the welds as it will find the smallest crack or hole and use capillary action to find its way through, Any where we found signs of the  paraffin outside we ground out and re-welded, the worst places were near the keel where it was impossible to weld inside the boat. So the Hull is now ready for the next stage and we are still hoping to keep to the original schedule mentioned in the last blog of November.

Access to engine room and rear cabin
 As you can see from the pictures the engine room hatch has been constructed and we have cut the hatches for the walkthru from the front to rear Cabin.
The last couple of weeks have been testing for my credit card as I purchased 30ltrs of primer (Hempadure 2 pot) along with filler and thinners, I also took delivery of a small sandblaster, and a 10bar compressor to prepare the hull prior to priming.

The proud owner of 12 Bronze weld in portholes
The best purchase has to be these wonderfull Bronze portholes from Trinity Marine, I cant wait to weld them in place. On the floor behind me you can see the rudder which is now under construction, I am just waiting for the stainless steel stock and will be making most of the other fittings.

I have a weeks holiday on the Norfolk Broads coming up and then a full week working on the boat, my Son will be over helping as well so I am hoping to make good progress by the end of October and will try and update the blog then. Bye for now

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