Sunday, 14 November 2010

From Portholes to Hatches

Having cut the portholes and welded in the mountings now I have to tackle the escape hatches. I have decided to have one in each cabin so need three in all, the first will be in the forward cabin above the berths, the second in the main cabin over the table (so that it can be used to stand on to exit) and the third in the aft cabin. I have purchase 3 Lewmar ocean series 44" hatches but to get them to fit in the boat I need to make mountings that will negate the curve of the deck and provide a flange inside the boat that matches the depth of the stringers. Here is how I went about the process:

The 1st job is to cut four 120mm long flat 25mm bar sections to make the corners of the support frame for the Lewmar hatches

Next I mark out and cut three v's in the flat bar

The flat bar can then be bent to 90deg to make the corners

The corners are clamped down on to the jig, more flat bar measured and cut to fill the gaps then tack welded into place

Four more pieces of 50mm bar are cut and welded on top of the flat bar frame

Finally its all welded, any gaps filled in and smoothed down with an angle grinder

Now all that has to be done is to cut the holes in the deck to allow the bottom oth the frame to pass through, weld in position, drill matching holes for the hatch and mount in place. Thats the second one made so just one more to go. When I have this job done then next its the construction of the guardrails, pushpit and pulpit.

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